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Tanuki Suit Riot

Performing Friday, Nov. 12

Rusika at PMX PMX is pleased to announce that Tanuki Suit Riot will be live and in concert at Pacific Music Live 2010.

Ever wanted to hear your favorite video game tunes performed by a live band? Los Angeles-based Tanuki Suit Riot doesn't just cover video game tunes, they jam them like you’ve never heard them before! From funk, jazz, rock, even salsa, the Riot infuse every possible style into their musical onslaught of hip and hilarious covers of classics from Mario Brothers to Cowboy Bebop, to toe-tapping J-Pop hits.

Never played Zelda or swooned to the Sailor Moon theme? The versatility of these nerd masters will convert even the most jaded snobs to the joys of videogame-core, where the best of Prince, Bowie, and Michael Jackson compete with a riff from Donkey Kong, and Mozart meets Sonic the Hedgehog head on. The Riot can be seen playing at outdoor events, festivals, bars, and conventions near you.

Tanuki Suit Riot are:
Saxophone: Matt Van Gelder
Trumpet: Kyle Polich
Guitar: Alex Messano
Bass: Nick Medina
Drums: Corey Fogel

Find out more about Tanuki Suit Riot:
* at their website

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