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Guests of Honor
Music Guest of Honor: D

Concert Part I: Friday, Nov. 11.; Concert Part II: Saturday, Nov. 12

Buy tickets for the D concerts.

D at PMX D will be live and in concert at Pacific Music Live 11 on Friday, Nov. 11 and Saturday, Nov. 12. D will be attending a focus panel, autograph session and more throughout PMX11. The D autograph sessions will occur immediately following their concerts.

D will be performing two concerts at PMX. Part I will be on Friday night and Part II will be on Saturday night. Each night will have a different set list featuring hits from throughout the band's history.


Anime Director Guest of Honor: Yasuhiro Imagawa

Panel: Saturday, 2:00-3:00 PM (LP1)
Nonaka & Imagawa Joint Panel: Friday, 5:00-6:00 PM (LP1)

Yasuhiro Imagawa Pacific Media Expo is pleased to welcome writer and director Yasuhiro Imagawa. Mr. Imagawa is known for his work as a director on Giant Robo (1992), Tetsujin 28, Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z-Hen.

Mr. Imagawa also served as a writer on Violinist of Hamelin,Petshop of Horrors,Souten no Ken,Hatenkō Yugi and Berserk. Currently he is working as the writer on the manga series Kousoku Otome no Seikatai (Restrained Maidens'Choir) with artist Yusuyuki Fuji which is being published in Monthly Comic Flapper, a compilation magazine. The first compiled volume will be released in October.

Mr. Imagawa will be participating in an autograph session and a focus panel. This is his first appearance at PMX.

Mecha Designer Guest of Honor: Tsuyoshi Nonaka

Panel: Sunday, 2:00-3:00 PM (LP2)
Nonaka & Imagawa Joint Panel: Friday, 5:00-6:00 PM (LP1)

Tsuyoshi Nonaka Pacific Media Expo is pleased to welcome Tsuyoshi Nonaka as our Mecha Designer Guest of Honor. Mr. Nonaka has provided mechanical designs for Mazinkaiser SKL, Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen and DICE.

In addition to his work in animation he has been a devoted toy producer who has been work in the Boy’s Toy Business at Bandai Co. LTD (Japan) for more than 20 years as a toy designer and planner. While working for them he was responsible of creating and designing Heroes and Robots, Vehicles and Weapons for kid’s TV series and turning them into TOYS. Most boys in Japan around the ages of 3-6 at the time loved and cherished his toy creation, but also was inspired, highly encouraged by his cool unique characters – It was a boys dream come to life!

Manga Artist Guest of Honor: Suzumi Atsushi

Panel: Saturday, 1:00-2:00 PM (LP2)

Suzumi Atsushi Suzumi Atsushi will be at PMX 2011 as our Manga Arist Guest of Honor. Ms. Atsushi is best best known in the US for her works Venus Versus Virus (which was adapted into an anime), Haridama Magic Cram School and Amefurashi: The Rain Goddess. She is currently working on TOKYO RAVENS with Kohei Azano and Uruwashi Kaitou Alice (A lovely phantom thief, Alice) with Romeo Tanaka.

Ms. Atsushi will be participating at PMX in an autograph session and a focus panel.

Fashion Guest of Honor: ATELIER-PIERROT

Designer Yuko Ashizawa of ATELIER-PIERROT
Panel: Friday, 4:00-5:00 PM (LP1)

ATELIER-PIERROT Pacific Media Expo is excited to announce our fashion guest of honor, Yuko Ashizawa of ATELIER-PIERROT! ATELIER-PIERROT is known for their classic, well tailored, Gothic Lolita styles. Their fashions will be on sale in our Fashion Hall, and will also be participating in our annual PMX Fashion Show!

Located in Harajuku’s famous LAFORET fashion mall, ATELIER-PIERROT is a staple in the Gothic & Lolita community. Operating over 30 years, they helped create and influence the Gothic Lolita scene both in Japan and abroad. Their stores offer a wide variety of clothing and accessories, much of which will be available for purchase at the PMX Fashion Hall.

PMX Guests of Honor
Pacific Media Expo has hosted some of the most influential individuals in the realms of Asian animation, pop culture, music. Our past Guests of Honor include:
Korean Actor Jang Dong-gun (2010)
Korean Writer and Director Sngmoo Lee (2010)
The Nom Nom Truck Owners Misa and Jen (2010)
Alice and the Pirates Fashion Designer Miki Nohmoto (2010)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Designers Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe (2010)
The Guild Actress Amy Okuda (2010)
Animator and Director Hiromi Kato (2010)
Innocent World Fashion Designer Yumi Fujiwara (2010)
Takuya Angel Fashion Designer Takuya Sawada (2009)
Anime Director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe (2009)
Angelic Pretty Fashion Designers Maki and Asuka (2009)
Visual kei J-Rock band UchuSentai NOIZ (2009)
Hangry & Angry Fashion Designer Gashikon (2009)
J-Rock fashionista Kaya (2008)
J-Rock band Suicide Ali (2008)
Heroes Actor James Kyson Lee (2007)
Alternative heavy rock band Head Phones President (2007)
Horror themed goth band The Candy Spooky Theater (2007)
Voice actress Yukana (2007)
Director Hiroyuki Tanaka (2007)
Character designer and animator Takahiro Umehara (2007)
Voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda (2007)
Angelic Pretty Fashion Designers Maki and Asuka (2007)
J-Rock band LiN CLOVER (2007)
Singer and songwriter OLIVIA (2006)
Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino (2006)
"Kamikaze Girls" creator and lolita fashion icon Novala Takemoto (2006)
Visual kei J-Rock band UchuSentai NOIZ (2006)
Director Koichi Ohata (2005)
Director Seiji Mizushima (2005)
Voice actress Naoko Matsui (2005)
Modeling legend Masaki Asai (2005)
Comedian Rex Navarrete (2005)
Manga artist Daisuke Moriyama (2005)
Manga artist Yasuhiro Nightow (2004)
Character designer Takahiro Yoshimatsu (2004)
Musical artist T.M.Revolution (2004)
Pop star Nami Tamaki (2004)
Character designer Shino Masanori (2004)
Manga artist Daisuke Moriyama (2004)

Stay tuned for information about our lineup of Guests of Honor for 2011.



2012 Industry Guests
Madoka Magica voice actors Lauren Landa and Christine Marie Cabanos will be at PMX 2012! (01.05.12)

AMV Contest winners
Congratulations to our AMV Contest winners at PMX 2011. (11.13.11)

Steve Cardenas
He will not be present at the 3PM Panel on 11/12 but will be available for autographs at 4PM with Walter Jones in San Lorenzo B. (11.11.11)

Last D Tickets
Advanced D ticket sales close on Thursday, November 10. Buy them here now or they might be sold out at-con! (11.09.11)

Allegiance Update
George Takei will be at the Allegiance panel on Friday, November 11 at 5:30 pm. Get your free ticket here.(11.09.11)

Artists almost full!
Artists Market still has a few spaces left and full tables are now available! Click here for new and improved instructions. (11.08.11)

Love for locals
Opening for D will be local favorites Dig Jelly (Friday) and Lemon Drop Kick (Saturday)! (11.05.11)

Visions of vocaloid
Join Tempo-P and NeutrinoP of Vocalekt Visions and special guests Tkomine/Utata-P and Sekken-P for Vocalekt Visions Presents Hatsune Miku and Other Vocaloids on Saturday at PMX 2011. (11.02.11)

Last two D bundles
Two D Fan Concert Bundle tickets, released by a cancellation, are being auctioned off Thursday Nov 3! (11.02.11)

Pro reg extended!
Pro reg (Industry and Press Registration) deadline for complimentary pass eligibility has been extended to Nov. 5th. If you qualify for Industry or Press, don't miss it! (11.01.11)

Thursday Night Zero
Hang out, get your badge and goodie bag early, and stay up late. Because most of the convention doesn't open until noon Friday. Click here. (10.29.11)

Innocence Blood
C.S. Lee (Dexter) and Alexandra Bokyun Chun (Saw) will be coming to PMX on Sunday, November 13, 2011, to promote their upcoming indie thriller film titled Innocence Blood. (10.27.11)

Good versus evil
DJ Kidmack and Chocolate Covered Cosplay bring you a Panty vs. Stocking themed dance party for PMX's Friday night dance! (10.27.11)

Program schedule
The programming schedule for PMX 2011 is out! You can download a color or black and white here. (10.26.11)

Richard Epcar Roast
Anime Nightclub is back! Join us friday night for 3 hours of offbeat and uncensored fun. Click here. (10.26.11)

Join the producers and cast from the new musical Allegiance, about the World War II Japanese internment experience, as they discuss the upcoming project at PMX on Nov. 11. (10.25.11)

Tune in Tokyo
Five member DJ unit Tune in Tokyo will sponsor the Saturday night dance. (10.25.11)

Artists Market open!
Artists Reg is open now (relax, there is a grace period). Click here. (10.24.11)

Korean drama info
Need a little more drama in your life? Check out 5 new kdramas airing at PMX 2011. Click here. (10.22.11)

We Heart Japan
Join Stephanie Sheh, Takayuki Karahashi and Steve Yun and learn about the latest news about the ongoing recovery efforts in Japan at We Heart Japan's panel at PMX 2011. (10.21.11)

Go Go Power Rangers!
PMX is pleased to welcome Walter Jones and Steve Cardenas of Mighty Morhpin' Power Rangers to PMX 2011. (10.20.11)

You got game?
Console gaming makes its return to PMX. Presented by Valhalla Gaming, expect to see a wide variety of games like fighters, shooters and arcade. Look for systems from the past and present. (10.20.11)

Fashion guest
PMX is excited to announce our fashion guest of honor, Yuko Ashizawa representing ATELIER-PIERROT. (10.19.11)

Thundercats' Tygra
Matthew Mercer the voice of Tygra from the 2011 reboot of the Thundercats, will be at Pacific Media Expo for the first time to talk about his current and past projects. (10.18.11)

Scavenger hunt
PMX is excited to introduce our first-ever Fashion Scavenger Hunt! Win exclusive prizes by venturing around the convention, solving puzzles, and utilizing teamwork. (10.16.11)

Cafe V at PMX
Interactive Butler Cafe performance group Cafe Verfuhren will have four Seatings at PMX, on Friday and Saturday. Details here. (10.15.11)

Welcome Mr. Nonaka
PMX is pleased to welcome Tsuyoshi Nonaka as our Mecha Designer Guest of Honor. Mr. Nonaka will be participating in an autograph session and a focus panel. This is his first appearance at PMX.(10.13.11)

The voice of Forstadt
PMX welcomes domestic voice actress Rebecca Forstadt. This is her first appearance at PMX. (10.07.11)

D Concert Bundle
The D Concert Bundle will go on sale on 10/11 at 8:15 p.m. Pacific time. More info here. (10.07.11)

Welcome Mr. Imagawa
PMX is pleased to welcome writer and director Yasuhiro Imagawa. Mr. Imagawa will be participating in an autograph session and a focus panel. This is his first appearance at PMX. (10.06.2011)

Welcome Ms. Atsushi
PMX welcomes Manga Guest of Honor Suzumi Atsushi. Ms. Atsushi is scheduled to have a focus panel and autograph session during PMX 2011. This will be her first appearance at PMX. (10.05.11)

D concert tix
You can now buy tickets for the D concerts. Check out the D Fan Concert Bundle! More info here. (10.05.11)

Jeet Kune Do
Pacific Media Expo is pleased to present a martial arts workshop featuring Jeet Kune Do with Mike Rivas. For more information, click here. (10.03.11)

FMA workshop
Pacific Media Expo is pleased to present a Filipino martial arts (FMA) workshop on Balintawak Eskrima with Master Rino Balinado. See more here. (10.03.11)

Application available
The application for Way of Stick and Blade 2011 is now available here. For more information, click here. (10.01.11)

Swap Meet open
Swap Meet table sales for 2011 are now open. Click here. (10.01.11)

2011 Pacific Media Expo
Images used with permission and are copyrighted by their respective owners.