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Pacific Music Live
Moon Stream at PMX Pacific Media Expo hosts its annual Pacific Music Live concert series highlighting some of the best musicians from the Pacific Rim. Pacific Media Expo showcases Asia's most gifted performing artists as well as up-and-coming Asian-influenced American musicians. Make your next live Pacific Music Live.

Pacific Music Live 12 features the musical talents of:
Moon Stream (Friday and Saturday)
Stephanie Yanez (Friday)
Psycho Bando (Friday)
Lolita Dark (Saturday)

Moon Stream at PMX

Moon Stream's Satsuki and Tomo talk about their upcoming appearance at Pacific Media Expo 2012!

Find out more about the Moon Stream VIP Fan Bundle.

Psycho Bando

Performing Friday, Nov. 9

Psycho Bando at PMX Taking the stage for the first time at the Pacific Music Live 2012 concert is Psycho Bando.

Formed in Los Angeles, CA, but with their hearts firmly planted in Japan, Psycho Bando is a group of five musicians who joined together to write and play songs about the things they love: video games, anime, and all things nerdy.

Music Guest of Honor: Moon Stream

Performing Friday, Nov. 9 and Saturday, Nov. 10

Moon Stream at PMX Moon Stream will be live and in concert at Pacific Music Live 12 on Friday, Nov. 9 and Saturday, Nov. 10. Moon Stream will be attending a focus panel, autograph sessions, photo sessions, and more throughout PMX12. The Moon Stream autograph sessions will occur immediately following their concerts.

Lolita Dark

Performing Saturday, Nov. 10

Lolita Dark at PMX Lolita Dark comes to PMX to perform for the first time at the Pacific Music Live 2012 concert.

Fronted by two authentic Japanese singers, Lolita Dark brings the brand new movement to Los Angeles’ somewhat stale rock scene. Their innovative music to appearance, it’s nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Moon Stream VIP Fan Bundle
Moon Stream at PMX The Moon Stream VIP Fan Bundle is available only to PMX attendees. This bundle is on sale now! Deadline to purchase is 10 p.m. Pacific on Saturday, Nov. 3!

The VIP Fan Bundle is limited to 30 attendees. In the bundle you get:
* a T-shirt (sizes run small)
* a commemorative VIP badge
* access to the front VIP section for both concerts
* VIP line for autograph sessions
* front section access for public panel(s)
* a private listening session
* a private meet-and-greet with the band

Concert Ticket Policy
PMX is proud to feature Moon Stream for the Pacific Music Live 12 concerts. The concert is a free event for PMX attendees only. You must have the appropriate day's PMX badge to attend the concert.

Pacific Music Live 12
There are two nights of concerts this year at PMX. The Friday night concert, starting at 8 p.m., features Moon Stream with Stephanie Yanez, and Psycho Bando. The Saturday night concert, starting at 8:30 p.m., features Moon Stream with Lolita Dark.

Stephanie Yanez

Performing Friday, Nov. 9

Stephanie Yanez at PMX Stephanie Yanez will be performing for the first time at the Pacific Music Live 2012 concert.

Stephanie Yanez is an American Jpop singer, Virtual Idol of Japanese anime avatar site, and Anime Expo’s AX Idol. She has toured all over the States and in Japan. She has been seen on T.V. as the Tokyo Reporter for Anime Select’s Comcast On Demand documentary “Crazy Sexy Tokyo”.

Hatsune Miku in Concert

Saturday, Nov. 10, 6:30 p.m.
Location: Live Programming 1 (International Ballroom A)

Hatsune Miku at PMX Vocaloid diva Hatsune Miku will appear in concert at PMX! The 3D virtual performer has been winning the hearts of people all over the world for nearly half a decade. Presented by Vocalekt Visions, Hatsune Miku is starting to take the spotlight all over all over the world.

Admittance to the Hatsune Miku concert is restricted to PMX attendees on a first come, first served basis. There is no additional charge other than PMX membership for this concert. The concert is on Saturday, 11/10 at 6:30pm.

PMX Dance

Live Programming 1 at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday

M3 Productions returns to the PMX dance and will be playing the latest and greatest in electronic dance music. The M3 Productions crew includes DJs Tw33k, Tory Trajec, Ouiji, and Hase. Why sit in your room alone when you come feel the rhythm at the PMX Dance? Dance at PMX

Pacific Media Expo PMX Japanese music karaoke singerBringing you the best in aural pleasure, karaoke is a staple of conventions everywhere! PMX's karaoke room keeps the crowds running away in horror and running back for more. Here is your chance to take your act out of the shower and onto the stage with a proper microphone! Sing along to your favorite C-pop, J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, OPM, or anime tunes. Bring your own CD or MP3, or take a chance with our karaoke database of mystery. Earplugs not included!

Read our policy before taking the mic...


Night Zero Reg Delay
PMX Attendees Night Zero Registration has been delayed to 8 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. (11.08.12)

PMX is Mobile!
You can now find PMX on Guidebook. Schedule, maps, twitter, alerts and more on your iOS and Android devices for free! (11.08.12)

Guest Update
Due to a health issue, Z8 will not be able to travel to PMX this weekend. PMX apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause. (11.06.12)

Deadline Extended
The deadline for entering CosFest is now Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 11:59 p.m. The rules have also been updated with times and locations. (11.04.12)

Program Schedule
The PMX Programming Schedule has been updated. (11.02.12)

Swap Meet Info
PMX Swap Meet information for 2012 has been posted. Signup opens tonight at 8! (11.01.12)

Avatar's Prince Zuko
Actor Dante Basco will be appearing at PMX. Dante will be appearing Sunday and will have a panel and autograph session. (10.31.12)

CosFest Forms
Forms for CosFest participation and judging are now available here. Fill out forms relevant to your entry and bring them to the Cosplay Office. (10.30.12)

Night Zero
Get a head start on the weekend by picking up your badge early! Come join us Thursday night for PMX Night Zero. (10.30.12)

Reiyukai America
PMX welcomes back Reiyukai America. They will be holding a panel and workshops on Friday and Saturday. (10.30.12)

Game On
PMX Gaming returns and expands for 2012 with both video game and table top gaming. It will also feature a Go workshop. (10.26.12)

Taiko Workshop
Senryu Taiko will be coming to PMX to hold a panel and have a workshop. Attendees also get a chance to try out the taiko drums. (10.26.12)

Food Trucking
PMX Food Program is pleased to announce The Bun Truck and Truck Norris will be serving at PMX 2012. (10.26.12)

Pocky Room
The Pocky Room is back! Sample the many different flavors of the popular snack food at PMX 2012. (10.26.12)

Program Schedule
The programming schedule for PMX 2012 is now available! The schedule will be updated up until PMX, so stay tuned for more updates! (10.24.12)

Power Rangers!
PMX welcomes Power Rangers Samurai, featuring rangers Alex Heartman, Steven Skyler, Najee De-Tiege, and Hector David Jr. (10.23.12)

Winter Crafts
PMX is pleased to announce Winterland Craft Party with special guest Masumi Kanoh of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! (10.19.12)

Pacific Media Expo is pleased to announce GRAMM designer Z8 as our second fashion guest of honor for 2012. (10.18.12)

Application News
The applications for Way of the Stick and Blade and White Out Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments are now available! (10.18.12)

Artists Market Details
Artists Market Signup instructions have been posted! Click here. Signup opens tonight at 8! (10.18.12)

Mobile Guide
PMX will once again be using Guidebook to provide up-to-date schedules and maps to attendees using Apple iOS or Android devices. (10.17.12)

Ryan Stylez
Pacific Media Expo is pleased to welcome Billboard charting singer/songwriter Ryan Stylez. (10.16.12)

White Rabbit
PMX Food Program is back for 2012 and we are happy to announce that White Rabbit, will be serving at PMX 2012. (10.08.12)

$45 Pre-Reg Extended
The October deadline for $45 Full Memberships has been extended to the 15th. Click here. (10.07.12)

Artists Market Info
Signup for tables will open on Thursday October 11th 18th at 8 P.M. Click here for more information. (10.05.12)

Fashion Guest
PMX is excited to announce our fashion guest of honor, Masumi Kanoh, representing Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. (10.03.12)

Are You a VIP?
The Moon Stream VIP Fan Bundle will go on sale at 8:15 p.m. PDT on Tues., Oct. 2. (09.26.12)

Press Reg is Open!
Please note that Press Policies have changed somewhat this year. Click here for more information. (09.25.12)

Industry Reg is Open!
Please note that Industry Policies have changed somewhat this year. Click here for more information. (09.21.12)

Panel Reg is Open!
Would you like to present a Panel or Workshop at PMX? Click here for more information. (09.20.12)

Nights of Music
The Pacific Music Live will have two nights of concerts featuring Moon Stream, Lolita Dark, Psycho Bando, and Stephanie Yanez! (09.19.12)

Mr. Nonaka Returns
PMX is pleased to welcome back mecha designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka. (09.17.12)

Moon Stream at PMX
PMX welcomes Moon Stream as music guest of honor. VIP fan bundle will be available. (09.16.12)

Just Dance
M3 Productions returns to bring electronic dance music to PMX. Meet the DJs. (09.16.12)

Welcome Mr. Yokota
PMX is pleased to welcome character designer and animation director Mamoru Yokota. This is his first appearance at PMX. (09.14.12)

CosFest Reg is Open!
CosFest rules have been updated and online registration is now open. (09.08.12)

FMA Returns
The Way of the Stick and Blade returns to PMX. In addition, we will have our first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament: White Out. (08.17.12)

Scavenger Hunt
The Fashion Scavenger Hunt returns! Win prizes by exploring the convention and solving puzzles. (08.15.12)

2012 Pacific Media Expo
Images used with permission and are copyrighted by their respective owners.