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Guests of Honor
Truck of Honor 2013 - Seoul Sausage Company
Seoul Sausage Company
Seoul Sausage Company began as a passion project for brothers Yong and Ted Kim, and Chef Chris Oh who had some fun ideas for a “new” way to eat Korean BBQ. In less than 2 years, those ideas or in hindsight innovations, have translated into a multi-faceted culinary enterprise. Thanks to the support of their family and friends, Seoul Sausage Company has seen exponential growth and an absolute explosion in popularity.

Manga Artist Guest of Honor: Izumi Matsumoto

Kimagure Orange Road Creator and Artist

Izumi Matsumoto

Izumi Matsumoto is the creator and artist of the popular manga series Kimagure Orange Road, which was originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump and later adapted into an anime. He is also known for authoring the manga Sesame Street and the anthology Graffitti, which contains many short works created prior to Kimagure Orange Road.

Voice Actor: Michael Sinterniklaas

Actor, Writer and ADR Director Michael Sinterniklaas

PMX welcomes Michael Sinterniklaas. He is not only the voice of Dean Venture on The Venture Brothers, but Michael Sinterniklaas's talents reach into other parts of the entertainment industry as well. He is also well known as an actor, writer and ADR director.

Michael Sinterniklaas will be participating in a focus panel and autograph session. This will be his first appearance at Pacific Media Expo.

Music Guest of Honor: BACK-ON

Performing Friday, Nov. 8

Pacific Media Expo announces BACK-ON as the PMX13 Music Guest of Honor! BACK-ON will be live and in concert at Pacific Music Live 13 on Friday, Nov. 8. BACK-ON will be attending a focus panel, autograph sessions, photo sessions, and more throughout PMX13.

BACK-ON appearances
Opening Ceremonies: Friday 6 p.m., LP1
Concert: Friday, 9 p.m., Main Events
Autographs: Friday, 11 p.m., Main Events
Fan Panel: Saturday, 1 p.m., LP2
Photo Session: Sunday, 2 p.m., Autograph room
Meet and Greet Reception (VIP only): Sunday, 3 p.m., Autograph room

Find details about ticket sales and the BACK-ON concert!

Fashion Guest of Honor: Juliette et Justine

Fashion Designer Mari Nakamura of Juliette et Justine

Pacific Media Expo is excited to announce our Fashion Guest of Honor, Mari Nakamura, head designer for one of the highly coveted Lolita brands Juliette et Justine! Additionally, Juliette et Justine will bring pieces to sell in our PMX Fashion Boutique, and will be featured in our PMX Fashion Show.

Known for their incorporation of 18th and 19th century paintings, Juliette et Justine is one of the most sought after Classic Lolita brands in Japan.

PMX Guests of Honor
Pacific Media Expo has hosted some of the most influential individuals in the realms of Asian animation, pop culture, music. Our past Guests of Honor include:

Visual kei J-Rock band Moon Stream (2012)
Anime director, producer, and character designer Mamoru Yokota (2012)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion designer Masumi Kanoh (2012)

Visual kei J-Rock band D (2011)
Anime director Yasuhiro Imagawa (2011)
Mecha designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka (2011)
Manga artist Suzumi Atsushi (2011)
ATELIER-PIERROT fashion designer Yuko Ashizawa (2011)

Korean actor Jang Dong-gun (2010)
Korean writer and director Sngmoo Lee (2010)
The Nom Nom food truck owners Misa and Jen (2010)
Alice and the Pirates fashion designer Miki Nohmoto (2010)
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion designers Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe (2010)
The Guild actress Amy Okuda (2010)
Animator and director Hiromi Kato (2010)
Innocent World fashion designer Yumi Fujiwara (2010)

Takuya Angel fashion designer Takuya Sawada (2009)
Anime director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe (2009)
Angelic Pretty fashion designers Maki and Asuka (2009)
Visual kei J-Rock band UchuSentai NOIZ (2009)
Hangry & Angry fashion designer Gashikon (2009)

J-Rock fashionista Kaya (2008)
J-Rock band Suicide Ali (2008)

Heroes actor James Kyson Lee (2007)
Alternative heavy rock band Head Phones President (2007)
Horror-themed goth band The Candy Spooky Theater (2007)
Voice actress Yukana (2007)
Director Hiroyuki Tanaka (2007)
Character designer and animator Takahiro Umehara (2007)
Voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda (2007)
Angelic Pretty fashion designers Maki and Asuka (2007)
J-Rock band LiN CLOVER (2007)

Singer and songwriter OLIVIA (2006)
Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino (2006)
"Kamikaze Girls" creator and lolita fashion icon Novala Takemoto (2006)
Visual kei J-Rock band UchuSentai NOIZ (2006)

Director Koichi Ohata (2005)
Director Seiji Mizushima (2005)
Voice actress Naoko Matsui (2005)
Modeling legend Masaki Asai (2005)
Comedian Rex Navarrete (2005)
Manga artist Daisuke Moriyama (2005)

Manga artist Yasuhiro Nightow (2004)
Character designer Takahiro Yoshimatsu (2004)
Musical artist T.M.Revolution (2004)
Pop star Nami Tamaki (2004)
Character designer Shino Masanori (2004)
Manga artist Daisuke Moriyama (2004)

Stay tuned for information about our lineup of Guests of Honor for 2013.



The Bun Truck
The Bun Truck will be appearing on Sunday, Nov. 10 at 12 PM to serve lunch at PMX! (11.10.13)

Addition to "Magi" We're announcing that Tony Oliver and Cristina Vee will be joining the rest of the "Magi" cast at their panel on Sunday, Nov. 10 at 11 a.m. 11.09.13

Food Truck Change
FISHLIPS Sushi's appearance is canceled. White Rabbit Truck will be at PMX2013 for lunch and dinner hours. (11.09.13

Program Schedule
The final version of the PMX 2013 Program Schedule is now available. For all schedule updates and the map for 2013 click here. (11.07.13)

Forever Alone?
Looking for that someone just for you? Check out Singled Out - Anime Style on Friday, November 9. (11.07.13)

PMX is Mobile!
You can now find PMX on Guidebook. Schedule, maps, alerts and more on your iOS and Android devices for free! (11.06.13)

PMX is pleased to announce our first ever K-Pop Dance workshop and a K-Pop Showcase Presented by SIA Entertainment for PMX 2013. (11.05.13)

Masquerade Update The rules and guidelines for Masquerade have been updated with the times for masquerade, office hours and mandatory meeting time. (10.31.13)

Preliminary Schedule
The first draft of the PMX 2013 Program Schedule is now available. Check out schedule updates and the map for 2013. (10.31.13)

Say Cheese
This year, PMX will debut our photo studio room. The room will feature different photographers at different times of the day. (10.31.13)

Scavenger Hunt
The Fashion Scavenger Hunt returns! Win prizes by exploring the convention and solving puzzles. (10.30.13)

Blue Rose Academy
School is back in session at PMX as Blue Rose Academy returns for 2013 with a new schedule of classes. (10.29.13)

Welcome Home
At PMX 2013, come join The Blue Rose Cafe for fun and games at the PMX Maid Cafe. (10.28.13)

Industry Guests
PMX welcomes Magi: Labyrinth of Magic voice actors Erik Kimerer, Lucien Dodge, and Erica Mendez as industry guests for 2013. (10.28.13)

Welcome Back
Domestic voice actress Marianne Miller and Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series creator LittleKuriboh return for PMX 2013.(10.28.13)

Deadline Extended
The deadline for complimentary pass eligibility for Industry and Press has been extended to Nov. 6th. (10.28.13)

Industry/Press Reg
Registration for Industry and Press are now open. (10.24.13)

Swap Meet Info up
Swap Meet table sales open at 7:00pm, Friday 10/25. Click here for details. (10.24.13)

Vocaloid's Back!
By popular demand, Vocaloid diva Hatsune Miku returns in an unofficial concert at PMX! (10.18.13)

It's a Masquerade!
Additional details are now available for the PMX Masquerade including our emcee and halftime entertainment. Space is still available. (10.18.13)

Fashion Update
PMX is pleased to announce our featured vendors for our Fashion Boutique and the participating brands in the PMX Fashion Show. (10.17.13)

Une Petite Fetê
Join Une Petite Fetê to welcome designer Mari Nakamura of Juliette et Justine, to PMX 2013 for her first ever US appearance! (10.11.13)

BACK-ON Priority
Guaranteed seating is now available for the BACK-ON concert. See "Concerts and Ticketed Special Events" on our Registration page. (10.10.13)

KOR Creator
PMX welcomes Kimagure Orange Road creator/artist Izumi Matsumoto as our Manga Artist Guest of Honor. (10.01.13)

Weiss Schwarz
Bushiroad will host a free-to-play Weiss Schwarz tournament at PMX on Saturday, Nov. 9. (09.25.13)

Application Update
The application for The Way of the Stick and Blade martial arts tournament is now available. (09.25.13)

Artist Market Reg
Registration for spots in the Artist Market will go live on Sunday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. Please visit the Artist Market page for more info. (09.22.13)

Hall Cosplay
Planning to cosplay at PMX? Outstanding. Before you come to PMX, please read the updated rules for 2013. (09.20.13)

FMA Returns
The Way of the Stick and Blade returns to PMX. Tournament Application coming soon. (09.16.13)

Kigurumi Pajama Party
Back by popular demand. The Kigurumi Pajama Party returns to PMX. (09.11.13)

Panel Reg is Open! Would you like to present a Panel or Workshop at PMX? Click here for more information. (09.08.13)

Clockwork Couture
PMX is proud to welcome Clockwork Couture into the PMX Fashion Boutique. (09.06.13)

Press Policies Online
Please note that Press Policies have changed somewhat this year. (09.04.13)

Industry Policies Up
Please note that Industry Policies have changed somewhat this year. (09.04.13)

Masq Reg Opens
Masquerade rules and guidelines have been posted and online registration is now open. (09.01.13)

AMV Contest 2013
PMX announces the return of our Anime Music Video Contest. Find out more information on how to participate here. (08.22.13)

Help Wanted
Would you like to attend PMX at no charge? With a little work we can make that happen! Please see our volunteers page to find out how. (08.16.13)

PMX is pleased to welcome back dolldelight as part of our fashion lineup as part of the PMX Fashion Show. (08.13.13)

The Snow Field
PMX welcomes The Snow Field to our fashion lineup for 2013. (07.18.13)

Go Team Venture!
Michael Sinterniklaas, voice of Dean Venture in The Venture Brothers and Kenji Koiso in Summer Wars will be a PMX guest of honor. (07.18.13)

Book Your Stay
The Hilton LAX is now accepting reservations for PMX 2013. See the Location page for more information and location guides. (07.12.13)

Registration Open
Online pre-registration is now open! Full badges are $40 until September 5th. (07.05.13)

Ready to Rock
PMX welcomes jrock band BACK-ON as music guest of honor. (07.04.13)

Fashion Forward
PMX proudly announces fashion guest of honor Designer Mari Nakamura of Juliette et Justine. (05.24.13)

Coming Soon
Stay tuned to this webpage. PMX is all set to start making announcements. (05.22.13)

Save the Date!
PMX returns to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport in 2013. Mark your calendars for November 8-10, 2013. (04.20.13)

2013 Pacific Media Expo
Images used with permission and are copyrighted by their respective owners.