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Programming Schedule
Detailed Programming Schedules

All schedules are currently in fina status (Revision A) Updated: 11/07/14 - Subject to Change Without Notice

2014 Panel Descriptions
Here is a sampling of some of the many panels/workshops we'll be having during PMX 2014!

Anime Dodgeball

Friday, 11/7, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, 11/8, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Plaza Ballroom B&C [Lower Lobby] (PMX Playroom)
Presenters: Carlos G. Estrada, Jessica Cruz, Mychal Ahearn, Janay Tate, Andres Ortiz, Jason Daley, Adriana Zavala, and Angel Canas

Anime Dodgeball! We're returning to where it all started. Come on down to Anime Dodgeball to either participate in epic dodge battles or simply spectate as players dip, dive, and dodge!

PMX Comedy Corner

Friday, November 8, 9:00 PM - 10:00 p.m. (Los Angeles A&B)

Get ready for a Funny Friday!

Notice: This program is for attendees 18 years or older.

Ever want to do stand-up comedy? Have an interesting story about your cosplay, convention trip, or anything anime-related? Come to our Comedy Hour. This show is open to both new and veteran comedians (new comedians are highly encouraged). Give your best 5-7 mins of comedy to a live audience. If you don't want to perform and want to see some comedy, bring a friend and support comedy. LOL it! or Hahaha it! Either way works! Just have fun!

PMX 2014 Scavenger Hunt


Got a sense of adventure?
Do you like to try out new things?
Are you competitive?
No?!…well, ok...ummm, you can still do this. Of course you can!
It’ll be a LOT of fun! Plus you get to win stuff. ^_^

To participate just gather a few friends, or make new ones, who will be attending PMX 2014. Make a team, create a cool team name (this is important..seriously!), bring your game on, and be a part of our very first Scavenger Hunt!

PMX 2014 Photoshoot Room

Capturing PMX Memories

PMX is pleased to announce the return of the popular PMX Photoshoot Room. Bring yourself, your family, your friends, or any fellow PMX attendee to have your photos taken. The PMX Photoshoot room will feature different volunteer photographers throughout the weekend taking photos of any PMX Attendee willing to pose! Show off your wonderful Cosplay or just come and capture a little bit of memory. The photographs from the shoots will be posted on our Facebook page. This will be on a first come, first served basis. Please be mindful of the time and be courteous to other attendees waiting to get their pictures taken as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

Fight Choreography Workshop

Saturday November 8, 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. (Carmel)

Fight Choreography Workshop

PMX will be hosting a fight choreography workshop to be held Saturday morning, November 8, 2014. The workshop will be conducted by Surawit Kang Sae. “Wit”, as called by his close friends, is an American stuntman, fight choreographer, and stop motion actor of Thai and Chinese descent. He has worked on many American films such as Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr., Red Dawn (2012) with Chris Hemsworth, and Cradle To The Grave with Jet Li to name a few. He has also worked as a stop motion actor for video games such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and has been the lead fight choreographer for many movies and shorts such as the ever popular Wonder Woman short by Rainfall films, where he is also an actor. He will go over basic choreography and angles that will provide the most action for a fight scene. Please bring your phone with video recording capabilities so that you can learn to choreograph and film your own fight scene. In fact, we will be conducting a contest of who can make the best fight clip at PMX. Details will be given at the workshop. Time and location will be announced soon.

KaTa Tapados Workshop

Saturday November 8, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. (Carmel)

KaTa Tapados Workshop

Pacific Media Expo Martial Arts Programming is proud to present a workshop and demonstration on the traditional long stick fighting art of the Philippine mountains, KaTa Tapado. This workshop will be conducted by Master Emilio "Emilion" Labarcon, who received his authorization to teach this art from its founder, Grandmaster Romeo "Nono" Mamar in 2003. Master Emilio will go over and demonstrate KaTa Tapados long stick techniques with a 40"+ stick, historically used to "badly beaten or kill" your opponent. Limited long sticks will be available for use at the workshop. Arrive early so that you can participate in this unique martial art of the Philippines.

Padded Weapons by Bunal Brand

Saturday November 8, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Carmel)

Padded Weapons Workshop

Bunal Brand, the sponsor to Way Of The Stick And Blade: Tournament of Filipino Martial Arts will be presenting a workshop on the rules and regulations for their padded weapons tournament. This will be a chance for participants and PMX attendees to try out the padded sticks and padded blades used in the tournament held on Sunday November 9th, 2014 at PMX. Helmets and gloves will be available for use, though bringing your own gloves is recommended but not necessary using their padded weapons. If you have ever been interested in competing in their tournament at PMX, this is the best opportunity to try it out and see if you got what it takes to compete.

Console Gaming

All Days in Plaza Ballroom A

Ever since the early 1900’s, video games have given us some of the greatest media to date. The story telling of Final Fantasy, masterpiece music from the Legend of Zelda, and visual design from The Shadow of the Colossus are all perfect example of why a video gaming room is needed at Pacific Media Expo! For 2014, the gaming room will have stations for the most popular competitive games such as Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee as well as some of your favorite anime fighters like Under Night: In Birth or Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. If you're not the fighting type, we'll have some other fun attractions like a Just Dance station.

Panels and Workshops
Panels and Workshops

PMX will have a full array of panels featuring guest speakers, industry insiders, and fan evangelists. Come hear our guests and industry leaders talk about their past efforts and new projects. Find out when your favorite titles will be coming to the market and learn the inside story on how the industry works. Expect to see fan panels covering topics as diverse as Asian street fashion, your favorite anime, running a fan website, costuming, and much more.

Anime Video Rooms
Darker than Black
If you love anime, PMX is the place to be! We will have a video room dedicated to bringing you the best in anime representing the newest releases from both the US and Japan.

Asian Cinema
Catch the latest and greatest in Asian cinema in PMX's video rooms.

Martial arts films have been revitalized by computer effects but gripping thrillers like the American remakes of Dark Water, The Grudge, and The Ring are opening doors to a whole new world of innovative filmmaking from Asian producers. Hugely successful cult films like The Audition, Ichi the Killer, and Battle Royale keep pushing boundaries. See a mix of the hottest new films and modern genre classics.

Pacific Media Expo PMX Asian Cinema Hong Kong Korean Chinese Japanese movies
Blue Rose Academy

Sailor Moon themed cafe at PMX 2014

Blue Rose Academy @ PMX

Need to find a place to relax and unwind? Check out Crystal Tokyo; presented by Blue Rose Cafe, and hang out with some of the defenders of love and justice. Come in for a quick refreshment, transforming magic crafts, and of course quirky entertainment that you can't find anywhere else in the galaxy! Come spend one hour with us to defeat the Negaverse and Black Moon Clan for the small fee of $5 per person, you won't regret it!

In the name of the Moon, we hope to see you!

Pacific Media Expo PMX Japanese music karaoke singerPMX's Karaoke room keeps the crowds running away in horror and running back for more. Here is your chance to take your act out of the shower and onto the stage with a proper microphone! Sing along to your favorite C-pop, J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, OPM, or anime tunes. Bring your own CD or take a chance with our karaoke database of mystery. Earplugs sold separately.

Click here for our karaoke policy.


Parking Update!
Attention members the Hilton Los Angeles Airport has informed us that we are now at 100% capacity. Please use alternative parking. Please see this List. (11.08.14)

Program Update
Anime Dodgeball for Saturday has been Cancelled. (11.08.14)

Food Truck Update!
Please note the following regarding food trucks. FISHLIPS and Rolling Sushi Van will not be at PMX 2014. However, on Saturday November 8 CreativEats will be serving at lunch, and Tokyo Doggie Style will be serving dinner. (11.07.14)

Food Truck Change
Please note that Rolling Sushi Van's appearance at PMX 2014 has been cancelled. We will announce a replacement shortly. (11.06.14)

Program Schedule
The final version of the PMX 2013 Program Schedule is now available. For all schedule updates and the map for 2014 click here. (11.06.14)

Martial Arts
PMX is pleased to announce two additional martial arts workshops for Saturday Nov. 8: KaTa Tapados and Padded Weapons by Bunal Brand. (11.02.14)

Doce Pares Eskrima Change
Due to unforeseen circumstances Grandmaster Percival Pableo will be unable to attend PMX 2014 and the Doce Pares Eskrima Seminar has been cancelled. (10.27.14)

Fashion Night Market
Closet bursting? Can’t close your drawers? Sock overload? Then come clear out your closet at the PMX Fashion Night Market–a Swap Meet specifically for your surplus fashion items! More details can be found here. (10.24.14)

Hotel Update
Our room block at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport is sold out. Rooms are still available through the Hilton website or by phone, starting at $129. (10.17.14)

Swap Meet Info up
Swap Meet table sales open at 7:00pm, Wednesday 10/15. Click here for details. (10.13.14)

Fashion Update
We are excited to announce the return of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates to PMX 2014! They will be participating in our 2014 PMX Fashion Show and will have merchandise available in our Boutique. More details can be found here. (10.09.14)

Registration Back Up
Web registration is back online since about 5pm 10/8. Price deadlines have been extended. Click here for details. (10.08.14)

Preliminary Schedule
The first draft of the PMX 2014 Program Schedule is now available. Check out schedule updates for 2014. (10.08.14)

Application Update
The application for Kickboxing Tournament is now available. (10.08.14)

Lucky Bags
VIP passes and Lucky Bags for heidi. are now available through our indiegogo campaign. Quantities are limited, don't miss this opportunity to show your support for the band. (10.03.14)

Registration is now open for CosFest Masquerade and Iron Cosplay. Additional information about CosFest can be found here. (10.02.14)

Sailor Moon Character Designer
PMX is proud to announce that Kazuko Tadano will be attending its annual convention as the Character Designer Guest of Honor. Ms. Tadano will be participating in an autograph session and a focus panel. This will be her first appearance at PMX. (10.01.14)

Sailor Moon Director
PMX is proud to announce that Hiromi Matsushita will be attending its annual convention as the Animation Director Guest of Honor. Mr. Matsushita will be participating in an autograph session and a focus panel. This will be his first appearance at PMX. (10.01.14)

Martial Arts
PMX is pleased announce two of our Martial Arts workshops for 2014. The Doce Pares Eskrima Seminar and Fight Choreography Workshop will be held Saturday Nov. 8. (09.28.14)

DJ Contest
PMX is looking for a select few DJs to rock the nightly dances. It could be you! Click here for more information. (09.27.14)

CosFest, is our name for the wonderful options for all cosplayers. Please visit our Cosplay section to find out more about our events! Contestant Registration opens October 1, 2014 for Masquerade opens October 1,2014. (09.26.14)

Say Cheese
PMX is pleased to announce the return of the popular PMX Photoshoot Room. Bring yourself, your family, your friends, or any fellow PMX attendee to have your photos taken. (09.26.14)

heidi. at PMX
PMX welcomes Visual Kei band heidi. as our 2014 music guest of honor. (09.22.14)

Industry/Press Reg
Registration for Industry and Press are now open. (09.07.14)

Press Policies Online
The press policies and FAQs are now available. Press registration will be opening soon. (09.06.14)

AMV Contest 2014 Update
The rules for the AMV Contest have been updated. For the latest information on rules and how to participate click here. (08.31.14)

AMV Contest 2014
PMX is pleased to announce the return of our Anime Music Video Contest. For more information on rules and how to participate click here. (08.25.14)

Fashion Show Update
Our 2014 PMX Fashion Show lineup is growing! South Korean Lolita brand White Forest will be shipping pieces over to send down our runway. Don't miss this chance to see their dresses up close and in person! Click here for more information. (08.18.14)

Artist Market Update
PMX Artist Market registration will be opening soon. If you would like to receive the latest news and updates on Artist Market please join our mailing list by clicking here.. (08.10.14)

2014 PMX Fashion Show
PMX is pleased to announce that South Korean Lolita brand LIEF will be participating in our 2014 PMX Fashion Show! For more details please visit (08.10.14)

Panel Reg is Open!
Would you like to present a Panel or Workshop at PMX? Click here for more information. (08.03.14)

Help Wanted
Would you like to attend PMX at no charge? With a little work we can make that happen! PMX is seeking qualified individuals to staff or to volunteer. Please see pages for details. (08.03.14)

Vocaloids Return!
By popular demand, Vocaloid divas Hatsune Miku, Gumi, and Yuzuki Yukari return in an unofficial concert at PMX! (07.26.14)

Book Your Stay
The Hilton Los Angeles Airport is now accepting reservations for PMX 2014. See the Location page for more information and location guides. (07.22.14)

Registration Open
Online pre-registration is now open! Full badges are $40 until September 5th. (07.18.14)

Innocent World Returns
PMX is excited to welcome Guest of Honor Yumi Fujiwara, President and Head Designer of Innocent World. For additional details please click on here. (07.07.14)

Coming Soon
Stay tuned to this webpage. PMX is all set to start making announcements. (06.16.14)

Save the Date!
PMX returns to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport in 2014. Mark your calendars for November 7-9, 2014. (06.16.14)

2013 Pacific Media Expo
Images used with permission and are copyrighted by their respective owners.