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Programming Schedule
Detailed Programming Schedules
All schedules are currently in FINAL status (Revision A) Updated: 9/3/15 - Subject to Change Without Notice

The Pacific Media Expo 2015 Program Guide is now available in PDF format for download in a mobile friendly size!

PMX 2015 Program Guide - Revision B [PDF/2.47 MB]
2015 Prize Winners

Thank you to all who participated in our Anime Music Video Contest, CosFest Masquerade, and Iron Cosplay competitions at PMX 2015! The winners can be found below.

2015 Panel Descriptions
Here is a sampling of some of the many panels/workshops we'll be having during PMX 2015!

Some of the many panels/workshops we'll be having during PMX 2015!

Reiyukai America
Reiyukai America Logo

We are happy to once again welcome Reiyukai America to PMX who will be hosting both a panel and a workshop this year. Their panel, "Decoding Japanese Culture", will take a look at the nuances of the Japanese world and Eastern culture. Their interactive workshop will look at ways to recycle things once thought of as trash into something new and useful.

Kajukenbo Workshop

Saturday, September 5, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. LP2 (PCC Plaza Level Room 211)

Kajukenbo Workshop at PMX!

For the first time ever, Pacific Media Expo (PMX) will be hosting a seminar on the American hybrid martial art of Kajukenbo. Developed in the late 1940s in the Palama settlement of Oahu, Hawaii, it is the fusion of the various systems present in that settlement of that time: Karate (KA), Judo (JU), Kenpo (KEN), and Boxing (BO). We are honored to have Professor Yutthana Tokijkla or Chief Toki, an 8th degree professor with 40 years of martial arts experience to introduce newcomers to this martial art. Chief Toki has experience in professional kickboxing and over 50 "Fight Club" types of fights. As the founder of Fighting Island Traditions, he pays homage to the systems and lineage that his fighting style has evolved from. He is currently based in San Bernardino, but presents and shares his martial art nationally. The workshop will be held Saturday, September 5 from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. in Live Programming 2 (PCC Plaza Level Room 211).

Fight Choreography Workshop

Saturday, September 5, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. LP2 (PCC Plaza Level Room 211)

Fight Coreography Workshop at PMX!

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) will once again be hosting our popular fight choreography workshop on Saturday, September 5, 2015. The workshop will be conducted by Surawit Kang Sae. "Wit", as he is called by his close friends, is an American stuntman, fight choreographer, and stop motion actor of Thai and Chinese descent. He has worked on many American films such as Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr., Red Dawn (2012) with Chris Hemsworth, and Cradle To The Grave with Jet Li, to name a few.

Filipino Boxing Workshop

Saturday, September 5, 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. LP2 (PCC Plaza Level Room 211)

Filipino Boxing Workshop at PMX!

Filipino Boxing, also known as Panantukan, Mano Mano, Pangamut, and Suntukan is a no nonsense self defense system derived from the movements of weaponry from the Filipino Martial Arts. Dirty Boxing, as it is commonly called, utilizes punches, kicks, elbows, knees, head butts, and other physical weapons in a wide array of combative combinations. Showcased in Hollywood films such as: The Bourne Identity Trilogy, Chronicles of Riddick, Quantum of Solace, and Equilibrium, this art of fist fighting is not used for sport, but as a means of street-oriented fighting. Its main intent is to end any unwanted physical conflict as quickly as possible. Mark Gonzales is an assistant instructor under Professor Steve del Castillo at Mt. San Antonio College, where they offer college credit courses on a variety of martial arts such as Brazilian Jiujitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, Kickboxing, etc. A community education course on Filipino Boxing is also offered where Mark runs the class every so often. The workshop will be held Saturday, September 5 from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m. in Live Programming 2 (PCC Plaza Level Room 211).

Panels and Workshops
Panels and Workshops

Updated May 28, 2015

PMX will have a full array of panels featuring guest speakers, industry insiders, and fan evangelists. Come hear our guests and industry leaders talk about their past efforts and new projects. Find out when your favorite titles will be coming to the market and learn the inside story on how the industry works. Expect to see fan panels covering topics as diverse as Asian street fashion, your favorite anime, running a fan website, costuming, and much more.

PMX 2015 Photoshoot Room

Capturing PMX Memories

Photoshoot Room at PMX!

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is pleased to announce the return of the popular PMX Photoshoot Room. Bring yourself, your family, your friends, or your fellow PMX attendees and have your photos taken. The PMX Photoshoot room will feature volunteer photographers throughout the weekend taking photos of all PMX Attendees willing to pose! Show off your wonderful cosplay or just come and capture some memories. The photographs from the shoots will be posted on our PMX Photography Facebook page. This service will be on a first come, first served basis. Please be mindful and courteous to other attendees waiting to get their pictures taken as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

Console Gaming

All Days PCC Plaza Level Room 204

Console Gaming at PMX

Ever since the early 1970s, video games have given us some of the greatest media to date. The storytelling of Final Fantasy, masterpiece music from The Legend of Zelda, and visual design from The Shadow of the Colossus are all perfect examples of why a video gaming room is needed at Pacific Media Expo! For 2015, the gaming room will have stations for the most popular competitive games such as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Super Smash Bros., as well as other fun games like Mario Party and Just Dance.

If you ARE the competitive type, then be sure to join our tournaments and put your skills to the test! Become the greatest world warrior in Ultra Street Fighter IV and smash your opponents out of this world in Super Smash Bros.

Video Programming

If you love anime, PMX is the place to be. Stop by the PMX video room to catch a mix of classic and the latest in video programming from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Video content for 2015 will be presented by Crunchyroll.

Video Room Schedule: TBA



Registration Update!
PMX Registration has moved to Magnolia (from Redwood). Both are in the conference level of the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel. (09.03.15)

Program Schedule
The final version of the PMX 2015 Program Schedule is now available. For all schedule updates and the map for 2015 click here. (09.03.15)

Know Before You Go
PMX will be this Saturday. All our 2015 policies can be found here. (08.30.15)

Fashion Programming
A complete listing of all our PMX Fashion events for 2015 can be found here. The lineup for our 2015 Fashion Show can be found here. (08.30.15)

Program Guide!
The 2015 Program Guide is now available. Download your copy here! (08.27.15)

Jin Fan Events
Jin (behindinfinity) tickets for fan events are now available! (08.27.15)

Fashion Night Market
Closet bursting? Canít close your drawers? Sock overload? Then come clear out your closet at the PMX Fashion Night MarketĖa Swap Meet specifically for your surplus fashion items! More details can be found here. (08.27.15)

Panel Descriptions
Fan and industry panel descriptions for PMX 2015 are now available here. (08.26.15)

Program Schedule
A second draft of the PMX 2015 Program Schedule is now available. For all schedule updates and the map for 2015 click here. (08.26.15)

Mahjong Nights
Want to learn to play mahjong? Stop in, learn and play with us at PMX Presents: Mahjong Nights! (08.25.15)

Femme Fatale VIP's
Online sales for Femme Fatale VIP Passes will begin at 8:15 p.m. PDT on Wed., Aug. 19. (08.16.15)

Vocaloid Tickets
Tickets for the Fan Made Vocaloid concert are now available! (08.16.15)

Swap Meet
Swap Meet table sales open at 8:00 p.m., Saturday August 15. Click here for details. (8.15.15)

Fashion Night Market
Closet bursting? Canít close your drawers? Sock overload? Then come clear out your closet at the PMX Fashion Night MarketĖa Swap Meet specifically for your surplus fashion items! More details can be found here. (08.15.15)

Help Wanted
Would you like to attend PMX with little or no charge? With a little work we can make that happen! PMX is seeking qualified individuals to volunteer. Please see pages for details. (08.12.15)

Martial Arts
PMX is pleased to announce three martial arts workshops for Saturday Sept. 5: Kajukenbo, Fight Choreography and Filipino Boxing. (08.11.15)

Industry/Press Reg
Registration for Industry and Press is now open. (08.10.15)

Preliminary Schedule
The first draft of the PMX 2015 Program Schedule is now available. Check out schedule updates for 2015. (08.10.15)

Kigurumi Pajama Party
Back by popular demand. The Kigurumi Pajama Party returns for PMX 2015. (08.05.15)

Hotel Update
Rooms at The Westin Pasadena are still available! Rooms starting at $149 are available clicking here. (08.04.15)

Fashion Update
We are excited to announce the return of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates to PMX! They will be participating in our 2015 PMX Fashion Show and will have merchandise available in our Boutique. More details can be found here. (08.04.15)

Vocaloid Concert
By popular demand, Vocaloid divas Hatsune Miku, Gumi, and Yuzuki Yukari return in an unofficial concert at PMX! (07.28.15)

CosFest Registration is up! We have created a new web site dedicated to our various cosplay events and contests. Please check it here (07.23.15)

Pro-Reg Policies Up
The press and industry policies and FAQs are now available. Professional (industry and press) registration will be opening soon. (07.22.15)

Voice of Rabi~en~Rose
PMX is pleased to announce voice actress Kyoko Hikami as our Anime Guest for PMX 2015. (07.09.15)

Cosplay Guest
PMX is proud to announce that we will have a Featured Cosplay Guest: Jin (behindinfinity) at PMX 2015! (07.02.15)

Femme Fatale at PMX
PMX welcomes Visual Kei band Femme Fatale as our 2015 music guest of honor. (07.01.15)

Gekko Shojo Illustrator
PMX is proud to announce our 2015 Fashion Guest of Honor, Kira Imai. This will be her first appearance at PMX. (06.25.15)

Lorina Liddell
PMX welcomes the Japanese clothing shop, Lorina Liddell, known for carrying Sheglit, EXCENTRIQUE, Morun ◊ Muuna Stoik, and more to our 2015 Fashion Show & Boutique. (06.14.15)

AMV Contest 2015
PMX is pleased to announce the return of our Anime Music Video Contest. See the AMV page for more information on rules and how to participate. (06.01.15)

Panel Reg is Open!
Are you interested in presenting a Panel or Workshop at PMX? Click here for more information. (05.28.15)

Exhibits Update
Exhibitor Information is now available. The Exhibits tab has also been updated with additional information regarding Exhibit Hall. (05.20.15)

Sheraton Hotel
The PMX room block at the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel is now open. For room rates and other details please click here. (05.09.15)

Plan Your Trip
The PMX 2015 Location Page has been updated with for our new location. Also, hotel information is now available. (05.04.15)

Registration Open
Online pre-registration is now open! Full badges are $45 until June 5th. (04.02.15)

Coming Soon
Stay tuned to this webpage. PMX is all set to start making announcements. (03.31.15)

Save the (NEW) Date!
PMX HAS MOVED to Labor Day Weekend and the Pasadena Convention Center for 2015. Mark your calendars for September 5-7, 2015. (03.31.15)

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