2 days of FUN!

Pacific Media Expo 2008
Veterans' Day
Holiday Weekend
November 7 to 9, 2008
Hilton Los Angeles Airport


May 2009 raffle
Win: Autographed Angelic Pretty poster! Click here. (05.19.09)

April 2009 raffle
Win: Framed and autographed Kaya postcard! (April Raffle closed on 04.30.09) (04.14.09)

PMX Collectors' Swap Meet
Join us at the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival (April 18-19, 11 AM - 6 PM). Click here. (03.28.09)

March 2009 raffle
Win: Robotech Shadow Chronicles 2-Disc Collector's Edition, a VF-1A Max Type Valkyrie Super Poseable Figure, and 2 PMX 2009 Full Memberships! (March Raffle closed on 03.31.09) (03.06.09)

February 2009 raffle
Win an autographed and framed Kaya postcard! (February Raffle closed on 02.28.09) (02.10.09)

Save the date! Nov. 6-8, '09
PMX 2009 returns to the LAX Hilton for another year of fun! (01.14.09)

January 2009 raffle
Win an autographed and framed Suicide Ali postcard! (January Raffle closed on 01.31.09) (01.02.09)

THANK YOU for attending PMX 2008! See you next year! (11.10.08)

Kaya performance
Concert starts at 8 p.m. Kaya's performance on stage starts at 9:30 p.m. (11.08.08)

Pocky tasting
Look out wine tasting. Here comes Pocky tasting. Glico is coming to PMX to let attendees try the Pocky experience. (11.06.08)

Map it out
Download the layout for PMX here or in the Location tab. (11.05.08)

Anime showings
Check out the list of anime PMX will be showing in its video rooms. (11.05.08)

Panels and workshops
Check out the Panels and Workshops we've added to the schedule. (11.05.08)

Discounted parking
Hotel parking for PMX attendees is $10/day with a coupon. Coupons are available in Registration upon request. (11.05.08)

Cosfest signups
Information regarding PMX's Cosfest has been updated. Sign up now! (11.03.08)

Registration info updates
The new registration page now covers at-con hours and registration policies. (11.03.08)

Kick it into overdrive
PMX updates the format of the ever-popular Twisted Tea Party. Welcome the Turbo Twisted Tea Party. Click here to find out how to participate. (11.03.08)

Korean drama
See a list of k-drama screening at PMX08. (10.30.08)

Programming schedules
Check them out under the Programming tab. (10.22.08)

Exhibits update
Baby the Stars Shine Bright and PEACE NOW will be bringing their distinct designs to PMX! (10.22.08)

October raffle
Win a Candy Spooky Theater autographed CD! (October Raffle closed on 10.31.08) (10.21.08)

Maid cafe
Join us Nov. 8 and 9 for a unique dining experience as PMX co-hosts its own maid cafe... (10.20.08)

Making beautiful music
Stephanie Yanez to perform at halftime of Cosfest. VAEIDOS joins the Pacific Media Live lineup. Clear your cache and check out their music in the player above. (10.18.08)

Plethora of programming
The programming tab has been updated with numerous activities on tap at PMX. Check out the Cowboy Bebop Experience, the B-Boy 3x3 Competition, Popping/Breaking workshops, fan panels for Kaba Modern and SickStep and much more. (10.17.08)

Info updates
PMX is now taking sign-ups for panels and workshops. Press and industry can register for PMX. (10.17.08)

PMX's best dance crew
Now taking sign-ups for .pure furisuta GiG 2's 3-on-3 b-boy battle. (10.16.08)

Events announcements
PMX will be hosting a Rock Band 2 tournament in its gaming room. See a partial list of the console games at PMX. PMX will also be hosting its dances on Friday and Saturday nights. Read up on our spinneriffic DJs. (10.13.08)

More music
Check out Kaya, our new music Guest of Honor. PMX announces our opening bands: Heday, LYV, Nylon Pink, and Vamp Star. Check out music clips in the player above. (10.01.08)

On sale soon
UPDATE: Tickets to the Suicide Ali concert go on sale at 7 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Friday, Oct. 3. Tickets to the Kaya concert go on sale at 8 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Friday, Oct. 3. See the ticketing policy. (10.01.08)

One lump or two?
PMX brings back the ever-popular Twisted Tea Party. Click here to find out how to participate. (10.01.08)

The cinema scene
Cine-East once again is sponsoring the Asian film program at PMX. See a list of what will be showing. (09.28.08)

Bringing it back
.pure furisuta GiG 2 will feature dance exhibition and a 3 on 3 b-boy battle. Find out more about .pure furisuta GiG 2. (09.27.08)

Volunteer for PMX
PMX is now accepting volunteers to help at the convention. Find out how to sign up here. (09.26.08)

Stay at the Hilton
Book your room for PMX. Find out more information about the Hilton Hotel LAX here. (09.22.08)

New! PMX Collectors' Swap Meet in April
PMX 2009 returns in November

PMX 2009 will return once again to the LAX Hilton
during Veterans Day Weekend, November 6th to 8th.

Bookmark us at http://PacificMediaExpo.com as we make changes to our website for PMX 2009!

While you are here, feel free to browse around the 2008 website.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Lunar New Year!

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PMX YouTube Videos (youtube.com)
Rough Cut HenshinTV Suicide Ali Interview @ PMX08
Coin-Op TV Live
More PMX Karaoke Goodness (travelvalenti.blogspot.com)
Kaya Concert

Performing Saturday, Nov. 8

Please note that NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed during the Kaya CONCERT and PANEL. Failure to comply will result in confiscation of your camera and possible expulsion from the event.

Kaya at PMX Cure Presents Kaya   Kaya live at PMX.

Concert starts at 8 p.m.

Kaya on stage at 9:30 p.m.

Registration / Programming
Register for PMX
Register for PMX so you can attend the concerts, programming, participate in the Rock Band 2 tournament, watch Asian Cinema and Korean drama, experience the Turbo Twisted Tea Party and CosFest, shop the Exhibit Hall, and much, much more!

Register for PMX here!

Programming updates
PMX's schedule of programming, panels, workshops and other events are being constantly updated.

Check out what PMX is offering in:
Panels and Workshops
Anime Video Rooms
Asian Cinema
Korean Drama
and other General Programming

Pocky Tasting

Saturday and Sunday

Pocky Tasting at PMX! You've heard of Wine Tasting and even the Pepsi Challenge, but have you ever heard of Pocky Tasting? That's what we are going to have at Pacific Media Expo thanks to our friends at Glico! Come visit Hachi-One, our room for experiencing the flavors of Japan. Hachi-One will be open on Saturday and Sunday in Santa Monica C, next to the Maid Cafe.

PMX CosFest!
Pacific Media Expo PMX CosFest Cosplay costume competition CosFest is our Official Cosplay Competition!
Everyone is encouraged to attend this well-loved event! This will truly be a cosplay extravaganza, with great skits, special performances, and amazing costumes.

We welcome costumes from J-Rock to J-Pop to Anime to C-Pop to Asian film, Asian animation, Asian comics, Asian-origin video games, or Asian music stars. We also welcome EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat).

Find out more about Cosfest and sign up to participate!

Turbo Twisted Tea Party
Twisted Tea Party at PMX! The Turbo Twisted Tea Party is an event where you and your team display your costuming and presentation skills. The goal of this event is simple: create a living visual exhibit of an Asian Pop Culture Tea Party complete with table setting, costumes, and props. (Backdrops and skits optional) The set up can be any genre, such as Gothic Lolita, Korean Drama, Video Games, Anime, Ball-jointed Dolls or any Asian Pop Culture theme you can imagine. This is a great opportunity for all you budding costume, interior and visual communication designers to combine forces and create a stunning exhibit.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Peace Now at PMX
Wonderful news to all of you fashionistas out there! Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Peace Now have decided to send their latest fashions to Pacific Media Expo. Now you will be able to buy your favorite fashions, whether it be Baby or Peace Now all in one location! Warning though. Quantities will be limited, especially in larger sizes, so make sure you come early!

Due to logistical complications, h.Naoto will not be able to participate in the PMX Exhibit Hall this year. They send their deepest regrets.

Cowboy Bebop Experience

Friday, Nov. 7

Cowboy Bebop Experience at PMX Immerse yourself in the world of Cowboy Bebop. Mingle as if you were in the Casino Watanabe and Club Nobumoto while the Sunrise Swing performs. Explore the impact of jazz and bebop made upon other anime series such as that of Gungrave, The Big O, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Metal Gear Solid 3, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

Asian Food Challenge

Friday, Nov. 7, 6:00 PM

Presenting our second annual Asian Food Challenge. So you think you're a competition food eater and you want to be the next Takeru Kobayashi? Not after this you won't! Go ahead and face your fears by joining the first ever PMX Asian Food Challenge! Ten foods from Asia will assault your taste buds and curdle your blood. In the end, only one will stand as champion! Will it be you?

Here are the prizes!

First Prize: $50 in cash and some Guts
Second Prize: $30 in cash and some Guts

Third Prize: $20 in cash and some Guts

You also get bragging rights for your place in the winner's circle on the PMX website after con.

This program is sponsored by The Traveling Filipina.com.

PMX Games

Daily 12 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Rock Band 2 Tournament at PMX!Need your video game fix? Check out the PMX Game Room for a steady rotation of electronic entertainment and a Rock Band 2 tournament. From fighting games to shooters to classic beat'em ups, the game room is sure to have whatever you need to tickle your gaming fancy. Don't see anything you like? The Game Room is constantly changing games throughout the weekend, so there's always reason to keep on coming back during the con weekend.

See below for a list of games and details.

Concert Tickets
PMX concert tickets are on sale!

  • Suicide Ali concert tix are on sale.
  • Kaya concert tix are on sale.

See the ticketing policy.

Concerts at PMX

Performing Saturday, Nov. 8

Buy tickets for the concert featuring Kaya, Nylon Pink, and Heday.

Please note that NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed during the Kaya CONCERT and PANEL. Failure to comply will result in confiscation of your camera and possible expulsion from the event.

Kaya at PMX Cure Presents Kaya   Kaya live at PMX. Kaya will be live and in concert at Pacific Music Live on Saturday, Nov. 8. Kaya will be attending a panel session and a photograph session at Pacific Media Expo on Sunday, Nov. 9. Photographs with the artists are available during the Photo Session for $10 each. Kaya will no longer be holding an autograph session.

Kaya appears by special arrangement with Cure.

Suicide Ali

Performing Friday, Nov. 7

Buy tickets for the concert featuring Suicide Ali, VAEIDOS, and Vamp Star.

Goshi, Hiroshi, Yuu, Hisashi of Suicide Ali Tainted Reality presents Suicide Ali  presents Suicide Ali live at PMX.

Suicide Ali will be live and in concert at Pacific Music Live on Friday, Nov. 7. Suicide Ali will be attending a focus panel, autograph session and photo session autographs at Pacific Media Expo on Saturday, Nov. 8. Photographs with the artists are available during the Photo Session for $10 each.

Suicide Ali appears by special arrangement with Tainted Reality.

.pure furisuta
.pure freestyle at PMX We are back!

Welcome to .pure furisuta GiG 2!

.pure furisuta, Japanese slang for freestyle, will be the first of its kind to hit the Asian Convention scene in the U.S.A.

Be a part of Asian Culture history this year and join us at .pure furisuta (.pure freestyle/.pufuri).

Volunteer for PMX
Work a few hours a day for a refund on your Membership Badge fees! You can help make PMX happen.

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) will have two types of volunteers -- "All-Convention" and "One-Day" volunteers. Each type of volunteer has different benefits and responsibilities. In your assignments, you'll get to see what it takes to put together an annual fan convention and view the behind-the-scenes workings of PMX. And when you're not on duty, you're free to enjoy the convention.

2008 Pacific Media Expo
Images used with permission and are copyrighted by their respective owners.