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Programming Schedule and Layout

Hotel Floor Plan and Programming Schedule

Programming Schedule and Hotel Floor Plan
Hotel Floor Plan Final Programming Schedule (11-14-2010)
Domestic Voice Actor: Kaiji Tang

Sunday 1PM in Pasadena I

Kaji Tang Before Kaiji Tang accidentally stepped into the booth for the first time, he was a commercial actor doing stuff like GPS advertisements with Yao Ming and various Discovery Channel commercials where they paid him to stand in front of a camera and eat a hamburger. Then came that fateful day when he wandered into, what he didn't know at the time as a recording session, and before he knew it had recorded several lines for his first show: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Domestic Voice Actress/Director: Stephanie Sheh

Sunday 12PM in Pasadena I

Stephanie Sheh She's best known for her roles as Hinata in Naruto, Orihime in Bleach, Eureka in Eureka 7, and Mamimi in FLCL. "Most recently she has worked on Monster, Slayers - Revolution, Kurokami. Sky Crawlers, and Blue Dragon. She co-voice directed Resident Evil 5 and is the current voice of Rebecca Chambers for the franchise. Stephanie has also been a voice director for Paradise Kiss and a producer for FLCL and I'm Gonna be an Angel.

Maru Maru Music

Saturday 3 PM in Pasadena I

Maru Maru Music Logo

Maru Maru Music will hold a panel to announce their current/future releases and concerts. They would provide a little history about Maru Music and Visual Kei and provide video and audio examples of the latest bands from their record They would also have a Q&A session where they would ask the audience who they would like to see perform in the US. With the audience's provided feedback, Maru Maru Music will try to bring their favorite bands over to the US to perform.

Korean Drama

Korean Drama Returns to PMX

YA Entertainment Logo

Love triangles? Money troubles? Marital problems? Addicted to drama? We’ve got Korean Drama. Yes, K-Drama is back and it's bigger and better! PMX will give you your drama fix.

Why stop at watching K-Drama at PMX? Why not take it home with you and enjoy the romance in the comfort of your own home. We are having a raffle for a You're Beautiful complete DVD set. Thank you to YA Entertainment for providing this raffle prize.

Please check room locations for times.

Office of the Dead Screening and Q&A Session

Saturday at 5PM in Pasadena I

Office of the Dead Poster

Pacific Media Expo is proud to screen the zombie comedy film, Office of the Dead from Korean American director, Matthew Chung. Following the screening, Chung will have a Q&A session with appearences by Producer Karen Shih as well as Lead Actors Teddy Chen Culver and Shawn Parikh from the film.

Street Fighter High Screening and Q&A session

Friday at 4PM in Del Mar

Street Fighter High: The Musical

Street Fighter characters… in high school? If you haven’t seen “Street Fighter High: The Musical” -- the YouTube sensation that was praised by Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono as “fantastic” -- you should. And then you should visit the cast and crew’s first convention panel EVER, where they will be screening exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, taking questions about the film, and engaging in all kinds of shenanigans.

The First International Congress on the Post-Anime Subculture

Saturday at 10PM in Del Mar

Anime Liberation Magazine Logo

A two hour open-discussion panel discussing current issues and problems within the current otaku subculture and the direction that culture is heading.

Topics include: aggressive Sub VS Dub loyalties, adopting a Japanese name, moving to Japan or Korea, education through piracy, meme culture, mini-celebrities, and cosplay modeling.

Hosted by Austin Wright (President of Animation Liberation Magazine), Anton Heinz (Actor/Musician), + surprise guest speakers.

International Affairs 101: War, Trade, Love & Peace according to Axis Powers: Hetalia

Saturday at 5PM in Del Mar

Hosted by Jessica Tiu

Fan Panel for the widely popular franchise Axis Powers Hetalia, the parody comic of world nations, culture, and history.This panel is for casual and diehard fans alike, for anyone with a sense of history and humor. Class is starting at the World Academy! You don't want to be late for this Edutainment Lecture, where we will discuss the basics of International Affairs and how Hetalia approaches the crazy relationship drama in a unique, family-oriented way. Let's discuss the families, their histories, and how they interact with each other today on the real world stage. There will be a quiz at the end with prizes! We hope you leave with a below--the-surface look at how Nations and States interact.

Awesomely Bad Filipino Movies

Saturday at 9 PM in Del Mar

Hosted by Erica Espejo and Jared Griego

Going beyond Japanese pop culture, Filipino cinema is often known for having really, really bad movies that you cannot help but poke fun at it. This panel will feature clips from various Filipino movies including the one when Manny Pacquiao fought a giant crab and Batman and Robin hanging out at a pool party with midget Spiderman. Did we mention She-Man: The Mistress of the Universe?

Con Going 101

Friday at 5PM in Del Mar

Hosted by Matthew Clayton Lewis

Come on in, the panel's in session! Con going 101 is designed to give newcomers to anime conventions, and conventions in general, tips and tricks as well as helpful hints to make their convention experience the best experience. Come to have fun, meet new people, make new friends, and find out how to have the best time you can!

Fanfiction Writers 101

Saturday at 7PM in Del Mar

Hosted by Shannon Hartman

This panel will be a writer's workshop for beginning fanfiction writers. It will cover characterization for main, secondary, and antagonist characters as well as writing styles, plots, dealing with writer's block, and fanfiction terminology. Free writing guides will be distributed courtesy of

Wanna go to Japan? PJT can help!

Saturday at 1PM in Pasadena I

Pop Japan Travel Logo

Want to go to Japan? Pop Japan Travel (PJT) offers a number of options to make your dream of traveling to Japan a reality. Visit an anime studio or have dinner with a mangaka on one of our group tours, arrange your own tour with a custom tour, or have us create a specialized itinerary for your club or organization! Get the details and win some free stuff at our panel!

mTANGproductions presents: Spreading the love for Japan

Saturday at 10 AM in Del Mar

mtangproductions panel Hosted by: Michael Tang

What do you love about Japan? How has Japanese culture influenced your life? Join Michael Tang and other fellow staffers from to share your love for Japanese culture. Whether it be a fashion trend, music genre, anime, or the beautiful language that attracted you, everyone has their own personal story to share. We will also be discussing how you can help spread Japanese culture in your everyday life and how you can meet other people that have the same passion as you do for Japan.

Pop Diplomacy: East Asian Media and Western Perceptions

Saturday at 6PM in Del Mar

Hosted by Manith Hang

Calling all East Asian Pop culture fans! This means YOU!

Who: Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Fahrenheit, S.H.E., Rain (Bi), Super Junior, and many other East Asian pop icons

What: Represent Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

How: By shaping international perceptions of East Asian culture and people Come learn, participate and see why Secretary Hillary Clinton needs to start paying attention to Naruto

We’ll touch on topics like: What has Ambassador Doraemon been up to lately? What are Ambassador Hello Kitty’s favorite spots in Hong Kong and China? The Korean Wave: What's the next phase? Who's going to be at the next Hallyu Dream Festival? And which country will be the winner of the World Cosplay Summit 2011?

This fun interactive panel will discuss the role of anime, manga, Asian dramas, and J-pop/K-pop/Taiwanese pop music in cultural diplomacy.

Team Lift XMA

Friday at 6PM in International Ballroom West

Team Lift XMA, a stunt and martial arts demonstration team based out of the Los Angeles area invite you to attend a brief history of fight scene choreography and freerunning and parkour in film, as well as witness as the techniques used by the stuntmen of hollywood films are demonstrated and broken down to an instructive level.

Vocaloid: The Electronic Singing Sensation

Saturday at 2PM in International Ballroom East

Hosted by Russell Chou

Have you heard of supercell? Do you know who Hatsune Miku is? Explore Japanese MAD's and the virtual singing idol software Vocaloid and how they have impacted Japanese popular culture, as well as the vehicle for such expressions of creativity, NicoNicoDouga.

Panels and Workshops
Panels and Workshops PMX will have a full array of panels featuring guest speakers, industry insiders, and fan evangelists. Come hear our guests and industry leaders talk about their past efforts and new projects. Find out when your favorite titles will be coming to market and learn the inside story on how the industry works. Expect to see fan panels covering topics as diverse as Asian street fashion, running a fan website, animation cel collecting, costuming and much more.

Pacific Media Expo PMX Japanese music karaoke singerPMX's Karaoke room keeps the crowds running away in horror and running back for more. Here is your chance to take your act out of the shower and onto the stage with a proper microphone! Sing along to your favorite C-pop, J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, OPM, or anime tunes. Bring your own CD or take a chance with our karaoke database of mystery. Earplugs sold separately.

Click here for our karaoke policy.
Anime Video Rooms
Darker than Black If you love anime, PMX is the place to be! We will have a video room dedicated to bringing you the best in anime representing the newest releases from both the US and Japan.

Asian Cinema
Catch the latest and greatest in Asian cinema in PMX's video rooms.

Martial arts films have been revitalized by computer effects but gripping thrillers like the American remakes of Dark Water, The Grudge, and The Ring are opening doors to a whole new world of innovative filmmaking from Asian producers. Hugely successful cult films like The Audition, Ichi the Killer, and Battle Royale keep pushing boundaries. See a mix of the hottest new films and modern genre classics.
Pacific Media Expo PMX Asian Cinema Hong Kong Korean Chinese Japanese movies

Asian Cinema at PMX 2010 is sponsored by Palisades Tartan.

Asian Cinema Sponsor of PMX 2010


PMX 2010 is over! See you in 2011!

Anime Nightclub
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Final Programming Schedule
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Pacific Music Live
PMX announces the performance of Dig Jelly, Lemon Drop Kick, and Tanuki Suit Riot. See the music page for more info. (11.3.10)

Artists Market Registration Open
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$35 Pre-Reg Extended!
Due to impending guest announcements, $35 Full pre-reg has been extended to the 25th. (10.06.10)

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Artists Market Special Announcement
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Press, Industry, Panel Request Reg open
Policies and registration for Press, Industry, and Panel Requests are all now posted and open. (09.09.10)

PMX Fashion Guest IW
The PMX Fashion Program roars back in 2010 with first guest Innocent World, and new events. Click here. (09.04.10)

Cosfest Reg, One/Two Day Reg, and Hotel Reservations open
Registration for Cosfest Entrants, One/Two Day memberships, and Convention Rate Hotel Reservations are all now open. (09.02.10)

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