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Guests of Honor
Korean Actor: Jang Dong-gun

The Warrior's Way Star at PMX 2010

Jang Dong-Gun

Please note in order to see Jang Dong-Gun at Pacific Media Expo you must have registered to attend PMX. To register please go here

Seating for the Jang Dong-gun and Sngmoo Lee panel will be available in a first-come, first-served basis.

Producer Barrie M. Osborne (The Warrior's Way, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix) will be at Pacific Media Expo during The Warrior's Way panel, press conference, and autograph sessions. Times: TBA.

JANG DONG GUN (Yang) has starred in two of the highest-grossing box office hits in the history of South Korea. The first, Friend, earned Jang widespread critical kudos for his portrayal of a troubled high school kid who turns to a life of organized crime. Jang took home the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2000 Asia Pacific Film Festival for the role. The second of Jang’s seminal hits came in 2004 with Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War, a groundbreaking Korean epic that found him portraying one of two brothers drafted into military service. Jang’s powerful performance landed him the coveted Best Actor prize at that year’s Blue Dragon Awards.
Korean Writer and Director: Sngmoo Lee

The Warrior's Way Director at PMX 2010

Sngmoo Lee SNGMOO LEE (Writer, Director) is a respected figure in the Korean entertainment world, having won three major screenplay awards in his native country.

He has penned a dozen feature screenplays and written and directed numerous short films. The independent feature film Sunday Seoul, which he wrote and produced, received a special jury mention at the 2004 Vancouver International Film Festival.

After graduating from New York University’s film program in 1995 with both an M.A. and M.F.A. in cinema studies and film production, Lee became a founding member of the film department at the Korean National University of Art, where he continues to teach.

Lee is the writer and director of the Korea-Japan co-production Assassin, currently in pre-production.

Nom Nom Truck

Sunday 12 PM - 2 PM. Panel: LP1 11 AM

Nom Nom Truck Logo Nom Nom Truck is a female-owned mobile food truck (owners Misa and Jen below!) that serves “Banh Mi”, or Vietnamese Sandwiches, and other Vietnamese-inspired dishes to West Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area. Our goal is to make you guys, our Nomsters, happy by serving fresh Vietnamese fare to the masses! Our latest venture is competing on the latest Food Network series known as The Great Food Truck Race, traveling across the US in our truck, competing against 6 other food trucks, and serving as many Nomsters as possible (airs Sunday 9 PST).

Click for Facebook Event To keep track of our truck, where we’re at, what we’re up to and where we’re going to be, please visit our Web site, for updates, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Fashion Guest of Honor: Alice and the Pirates

Designer Miki Nohmoto of Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates Please join us in welcoming our newest Fashion Guest of Honor, Alice and the Pirates head designer, Miki Nohmoto. Created in 2004 as a sub brand of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates is the inspiration behind the pirate-lolita style--a darker look incorporating sailor motifs, tricorns, and eyepatches. Alice and the pirates will be selling their merchandise in the PMX Fashion Hall, and will be participating in the PMX Fashion show as well as the Starlight Fashion Festival! Ms Nohmoto, largely responsible for the pirate look, will be attending the Starlight Fashion Festival where guests will have the opportunity to take pictures with her and have them signed. Ms Nohmoto will also be attending a Q&A panel where guests can learn more about the inspirations behind their favorite brand!
Fashion Guest of Honor: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Designers Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, the major Lolita label, is known for their classically sweet looks and has been a leading force in the Gothic Lolita world since its creation. Founded in 1988 by Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has been featured in almost every Lolita publication, including the Gothic Lolita Bible, Kera, Fruits, and was the driving force behind the plot line of the novel, movie, and manga, Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls). Taking the world by storm, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has opened flagship store fronts in both Paris and San Francisco, being the first Lolita brand to branch out internationally.

We are pleased to have them as an honored as a fashion guest of honor, and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright will be participating in the Starlight Fashion Festival, the PMX Fashion Show, and the PMX Fashion Hall.
The Guild Actress: Amy Okuda

The Guild Cast Member: Amy Okuda

Amy Okuda Photo Amy Okuda was born in Torrance, California. Amy began dancing when she was 13. Shortly thereafter she signed with an agency, which eventually led her to pursue acting. She has booked an array of print jobs around the globe, such as ads for Apple laptop computers, Verizon, American Express, and for Jamie Kennedy’s Kicking it Old School. Amy has also appeared in commercials for Canon, Shoe Carnival, Japanese soft-drink company Suntory, and radio campaign for AT&T. She landed a role on Californication with David Duchovny, and played herself in an educational online video for NASA. The web-series hit The Guild is her first recurring role, in which she was awarded a Streamy Award for Best Ensemble Cast in 2009. Amy is now a senior at University of Southern California pursuing a degree in Cinematic Arts with a minor in Communications in the Entertainment Industry. After graduation she hopes to continue her wide sphere of activity, especially in her pursuits of acting.

Amy Okuda's Panel will be 1 PM on Saturday at International Ballroom East. Her autograph session will be held at 3 pm.
Anime Guest of Honor: Hiromi Kato

Saturday: TBA

Hiromi Kato Pacific Media Expo is pleased to welcome animator and director Hiromi Kato. Mr. Kato is known for his work as an animator on such series as Revolutionary Girl Utena, Tenshi ni Naurmon (I'm Going to Be an Angel), and Di Gi Charat Nyo.

Mr. Kato currently works with renowned studio Madhouse where he served as animation director for Paradise Kiss, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad and CLAMP in Wonderland 2. He has also provided character designs for CLAMP in Wonderland 2, and Kobato.
Yumi Fujiwara of Innocent World

Designer Yumi Fujiwara of Innocent World


PMX is pleased to announce our first Fashion Guest of Honor for this year: Innocent World and the label’s designer, Ms. Yumi Fujiwara!

Innocent World is a Japanese clothing brand best known for their classic Lolita styled designs. They are one of the forefront Lolita labels in Japan currently featured in the latest volumes of Gothic & Lolita Bible and KERA. Having just begun selling to overseas customers in May 2009, Innocent World will be making their debut appearance outside of Japan at PMX 2010. We are very excited about their participation and hope everybody will come meet them. Come see them and shop for their unique designs in our Fashion Hall!

About Innocent World

"Innocent World's designer, Yumi Fujiwara, has created a new brand of clothing inspired by classical European designs that embodies the ideals of elegance and cuteness but is suitable for young women of the modern era. The brand name Innocent World brings to mind a simple world without dirt or blemish. We made this name to reflect the pure and innocent hearts of young women everywhere, at any age." (Text from Innocent World website)

Innocent World will be participating in the Starlight Fashion Festival, PMX Fashion Show, and will be selling their designs in the PMX Fashion Hall.

PMX Guests of Honor

Pacific Media Expo has hosted some of the most influential individuals in the realms of Asian animation, pop culture, music. Our past Guests of Honor include:

Takuya Angel Fashion Designer Takuya Sawada (2009)
Anime Director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe (2009)
Angelic Pretty Fashion Designers Asuka and Maki (2009)
Visual kei J-Rock band UchuSentai NOIZ (2009)
Hangry & Angry Fashion Designer Gashikon (2009)
J-Rock fashionista Kaya (2008)
J-Rock band Suicide Ali (2008)
Heroes Actor James Kyson Lee (2007)
Alternative heavy rock band Head Phones President (2007)
Horror themed goth band The Candy Spooky Theater (2007)
Voice actress Yukana (2007)
Director Hiroyuki Tanaka (2007)
Character designer and animator Takahiro Umehara (2007)
Voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda (2007)
Angelic Pretty Fashion Designers Asuka and Maki (2007)
J-Rock band LiN CLOVER (2007)
Singer and songwriter OLIVIA (2006)
Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino (2006)
"Kamikaze Girls" creator and lolita fashion icon Novala Takemoto (2006)
Visual kei J-Rock band UchuSentai NOIZ (2006)
Director Koichi Ohata (2005)
Director Seiji Mizushima (2005)
Voice actress Naoko Matsui (2005)
Modeling legend Masaki Asai (2005)
Comedian Rex Navarrete (2005)
Manga artist Daisuke Moriyama (2005)
Manga artist Yasuhiro Nightow (2004)
Character designer Takahiro Yoshimatsu (2004)
Musical artist T.M.Revolution (2004)
Pop star Nami Tamaki (2004)
Character designer Shino Masanori (2004)
Manga artist Daisuke Moriyama (2004)

Stay tuned for information about our lineup of Guests of Honor for 2010.



PMX 2010 is over! See you in 2011!

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