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Special Artists Market Announcement (11.09.10)
Update for 11.09.10...

Artists Market is SOLD OUT.

Update for 10.21.10...

The Best Tables auction is over and this frees up some tables. One of the Original 19 Tables, and two Premium Half Table spots, have been converted to 2 new General Full Tables. Random drawings have been done, notice emails have been sent. As of now there is one Premium Half Table spot still available and the rest of the tables are spoken for.

Update for 10.20.10... Table Assignments for everyone with a single assignment are now visible and payable in Event Ticket Registration. Email notices have been sent to everyone with payable tables.

There are two tables remaining to be released due to multiple assignments that need resolution. Once released, they will be considered General Full or Half tables and assigned by random drawing. Everyone who got in during the signup period will be eligible for these drawings.

Update for 10.19.10... Initial assignments are done and are shown on the status page as well as in the Table column in your artist account. Official notice emails have not gone out yet; we found some issues late last night and once those are sorted out today we'll send the notice emails.

After some discussion we decided to simplify the 48-hour payment window by having a single window for all the emails sent out today. The 48 hours will start only after we're done sending everything out and have posted an update here giving the exact time.

The Best Tables Auction is still on schedule. Bidding is open now and will close at 10 PM Pacific time on October 20th. New bidders can join during either the signup stage (now ended) or the bidding stage (happening now).

Update for 10.17.10... Artist Signup and Table Assignment Status page is up!

Have you paid for your table already? Get your Twitter account listed on our Artist Market PMXNews Twitter List! Follow us at, message us your Twitter account if you upgraded to the new Twitter interface (contact PMA Community Outreach if you are still using old Twitter), and end up here: (We need to verify your name/email address too so have that ready.)

Update for 10.15.10... The online system is finally ready! The main login page can be found here:

The initial signup period for most of the new tables is open NOW and will last until Monday night (Oct 18th) at 10 PM Pacific time. Everyone who signs up during that time will have an equal shot at the new tables. After the initial signup period, initial assignments will happen and the auction of the 5 best tables will start. We will have a fairly short auction, about 48 hours.

Note, each Artist account should have a unique email address not used by another Artist, except by special request. Normally, it will be linked to the email address on your registration form. If that email is not appropriate, please contact Registration for assistance.

How to sign up for Artists Market Registration

  • Be Registered for PMX first. All Artists need a Full weekend convention badge. If you have not registered yet, the Registration page is here. If you are only planning to attend if you get a table, leave your membership unpaid for now. You can always pay for it along with your table later on.
  • Original 19 Tables. If you reserved a table on Sept. 24, your account has already been created. Check your inbox for an email with your Artist ID and password.
  • Confirmed Memberships. If you have received an email confirmation of your membership already, you can use the Member ID in that email to create your Artists account.
  • Via Event Ticket Registration. Event Ticket Registration can now create Artist accounts. In the main Review screen, there is now a button in the lower left labeled Artists Market Registration, which enters a screen that shows Artist account status for everyone in your group and contains links to create accounts and call up login pages for each member.
  • Via Web Registration Receipt Page. Your Member ID is the convention year, your web registration code, and your member number on the registration receipt page. These can be used to create your Artists account.
  • Nothing seems to work? Contact Registration for assistance.

Update for 10.05.10... Sample layout diagram is posted here. We're almost done with the new online system for Artists Market registration. This is not the same as regular PMX pre-registration -- it's specifically for getting your table. You still need a PMX membership first, but that does not have to be paid up until you pay for your table.

In the meantime, we have the Oct. 5th pre-registration deadline coming up fast. All Artists who ultimately pay for a table at PMX 2010 will qualify for the $35 Oct. 5th price on their Full badge. If you are only planning to attend if you get a table, then rest assured that our new process for artists has got you covered.

Update for 09.28.10... Some functions have been moved out of San Gabriel and the layout has been completely redone. We now have a total of 34 Full tables to work with, with the caveat that seating is now limited to one chair+person per half table, except for wall tables (still two chairs+persons per half table). If you need a wall table because of this change, you will have to request one (online -- available soon, see red text below), even if you already received a table under the original policy. Any Artist who finds this policy change unacceptable may request a full refund between now and October 12th. Of the 20 full tables originally claimed over the weekend, one has been forfeited due to missing the 48 hour grace period for payments, leaving us with 15 Full tables currently available for new assignments.

All of the 19 currently assigned tables have been moved to the back of the layout, making nearly every unassigned table a high visibility spot. Artists who currently have a table may move to a better spot by obtaining another table via the offerings described below, following the same rules as everyone else.

New table offerings: Note that you may participate in more than one of these offerings, and each time you win you have the option of surrendering your previous assignment in order to obtain the new one. Your previous table fees will be applied in full, so you only pay (or are refunded) the difference. All of these offerings (including wall table requests) will be available online through Event Ticket Registration later this week. PLEASE DO NOT DELUGE OUR CONTACT PAGE WITH DIRECT REQUESTS. Each offering will have an initial grace period for artists to indicate their participation online before any decisions are made. If an offering is already oversubscribed when the grace period ends, half of the winners will be decided by pure raffle and the other half by staff discretion (eg. to promote goals like diversity, although raffles may end up being used anyway). After the grace period ends and initial assignments are made, future assignment of available spots will be made in seniority order of the requests outstanding when each spot becomes available.
  • Best Tables (5 full spots): Auction. The five (5) Full Tables circling the entrance will be sold by auction. Details TBA.
  • Better Tables (12 half spots): $45 Premium Half-Tables. In the new layout, there is a corridor of tables directly linking the entrance and exit. The Guest of Honor Autograph area is just past the exit end, with a very small line area next to it and a much longer line area outside and across a hallway from the Artists Market entrance. Line Control will be waving people a few at a time through this corridor on their way to the Autograph area, so it will be especially high visibility. Most of this corridor has been designated as Premium Half Tables, half of them wall tables, and costing $45 (the normal Full Table price).
  • General Tables (2+ full spots AND 4+ half spots): Regular Price. The remaining new tables, and any currently assigned tables which are later surrendered or cancelled, will be made available as a mixture of half and full spots. Our goal is to allow more artists to participate, but also to avoid giving too much priority to half spots since not all artists can modify their displays for a half spot.

Original from 09.25.10... Demand for Artists Market tables went completely through the roof this year. Last year there were 20 artists. This year we had 20 artists expressing an interest in a table by the middle of July, over two months ago. By 11 AM on Friday Sept 24th, that number had increased to 57. Barely 12 hours later there were a dozen more, once word got out that tables were finally available.

As of this writing (about 3 AM on Saturday Sept. 25th), 19 Full Tables and 2 Half Tables have been sold in the first 5.5 hours, and sales were halted at 20 Full Table equivalents. Of these, ONLY THREE are not already fully paid for through PayPal and may be released Sunday afternoon when the 48 hour grace period ends.

Before we continue there is something that everyone must understand about the Pasadena Hilton. Its hallways and lobby are narrow compared to the LAX Hilton, and can't support nearly as many people lounging or hanging out. For months now the PMX Staff has been fine-tuning this year's layout to utilize any leftover meeting room space as additional lounge areas so that the narrow public areas do not leave our attendees with nowhere to relax. Which brings us to the delays in opening Artists Market.

The original plan for Artists Market was to scatter tables around the wider hallways and lobby of the hotel, and to limit each artist to a single half space (of a 6' table) so that we would not have to turn away so many artists. However, it was soon realized that this would not work for a variety of reasons. After much analysis and compromise, the San Gabriel room was given to Artists Market with the proviso that it would share the room with some part time functions. Under this scheme Artists Market would be able to support 20 Full Tables and perhaps 25 or 30 depending on other usage of the room which was then still being decided.

First priority for the base 20 tables was given to artists who had already asked to be notified when tables were available AND had already pre-registered (and paid) for their PMX badge in anticipation of getting a table, and also to a limited number of artists who had expressed a keen interest in a table repeatedly throughout the year. This resulted in 27 people being notified. Second priority would have been given to everyone else who asked to be notified by inviting them to reserve tables starting Monday morning, with general availability following soon thereafter. What originally seemed like a good idea to avoid criticism that we were not giving the loyal pre-reg people enough time ended up backfiring because they all responded so quickly and snapped up so many Full tables that they even locked some of their own out.

As things stand right now, we have at least 5 tables remaining to sell, and we are trying different table layouts to hopefully add at least 5 more. We will also open discussions with other departments to see if it is possible to move anything in the shared section to another location and free up space for still more tables in San Gabriel. We are also considering a number of different methods for allocating these tables and will probably use more than one. Anything we do at this point will be called unfair by somebody, so we are going to focus on something achievable, that being solutions which are the least unfair that we can manage.

The PMX Artists Market Staff wishes to apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused or will eventually cause our Artists and anyone else who is affected. Effective immediately, the no-refunds policy for Artists Market Table fees is waived until further notice. To accommodate as many Artists as possible in the limited space available, we are considering altering the Artists Market policy and we will fully understand if some Artists feel that these changes are unacceptable and no longer wish to participate in the PMX 2010 Artists Market.

In particular, the generous limitation of two chairs and persons per half-table is incompatible with tightening the layout to get more back-to-back table islands into the room. We are considering lowering this limit in the case of island tables to 1 chair and person per half-table. Tables with their back to a wall would still fall under the original limits. In the event that there are not enough wall tables to accommodate every artist who wants the old limits, those artists are free to release their table and receive a refund.

Some of what we're considering requires input from other departments at PMX, so it may take a few days to evaluate everything. We will also give at least a few days' public warning of any new deadlines, so it will be safe to check back here once a day for updates. In the meantime, concerned artists and attendees are welcome to send us your comments and suggestions via the Artists Market Contact Form.

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PMX 2010 is over! See you in 2011!

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